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Conservatories & Sunrooms


Conservatories and Sunrooms are a cost effective way to add etra space to your home. Older conservatories can be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but new triple glazed a-rated windows can remedy this or a sunroom can sidestep the issue in low-light gardens.

People will often ask us what is the difference between a conservatory and a sunroom, and the short answer is...the roof. If there is a roof consisting of panels of glass it is a conservatory but if the roof is largely solid with a couple of skylights in it...then it is a sunroom. Lastly an Orangery is a combination of the two, which uses a solid roofline, and a large, central glass section.

Conservatory to Sunroom Conversions


Do you have a conservatory that you never use because it is either too hot or too cold? This could be costing you a small fortune by sucking heat out of the rest of your house during the winter months. We can convert your conservatory into a sunroom with a minimum of fuss and allow you to use the room whenever you like.

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